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Amanda behind the scene

Amanda Marcotte, that is. And there are two way to look at her from the ‘other side’ or ‘not-as-well-known-side’ or ‘what-really-happened-side’: the first is BlogPac Hero: The Amanda Marcotte Story You Haven’t Heard by John Javna and the second is Brimstone and cat spit by Amanda Marcotte.

A must-read by Sara Robinson. You can use it to understand the persistence of Creationism. Or the lack of Internal Locus of Moral Authority in people belonging to Moral Majority.

I never thought that I would link to Razib approvingly, but his recent series of posts about evolution of religion are right on the mark. You can start with today’s post and follow the links back to his older posts. A good start for a discussion on the topic.

Great discusssion on Pandagon.

Godless Blogging of the Fortnight

Carnival of the Godless #64, brilliantly hosted and edited by TNG is up on Neural Gourmet. Enjoy.

Framers are NOT appeasers!

In the latest dust-up over framing science, an unfortunate frame is emerging that I want to nip in the bud, that ‘appeasers’ in the big culture war against religion are the same as ‘framers’ in the current debate, and likewise that ‘anti-framers’ and ‘vocal atheists’ are the same people. It is a result of confusion,…

Did I frame that wrong?

As you know, the last several days saw quite a flurry of blog posts about framing science. I posted my thoughts here and I keep updating my post with links to all the new posts as they show up (except the expected drivel by William Dembski, some minor creaitonists and Lubos Motl). Some of the…

For my Orthodox Readers

Yes, the Orthodox and Catholic Easter fall on the same day this year.

Here, have a go at it. Even better, if you can get the actual paper and dissect it on your blog, let me know so I can link to that. Have fun! Good Behavior, Religiousness May Be Genetic: A new study in Journal of Personality shows that selfless and social behavior is not purely a…

My SciBlings Chris Mooney and Matt Nisbet just published an article in ‘Science’ (which, considering its topic is, ironically, behind the subscription wall, but you can check the short press release) about “Framing Science” Carl Zimmer, PZ Myers, Mike Dunford (also check the comments here), John Fleck, Larry Moran, Dietram Scheufele, Kristina Chew, Randy Olson,…