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SBC – online participation

Through blog posts, via e-mail, and via our feedback form (have you filled it yet?) we are already getting tons of feedback on the way Conference ran, what was good about it, what not so much, and what can be done differently next time. We are carefully reading all of it and will certainly address…

SBC – Science Blogging Ethics wiki

During the Science Blogging Ethics session at the Conference, there was a discussion of a possible Science-bloggers code of ethics, or at least a community-built set of guidelines for best practices and responsible conduct on science blogs. It was suggested that the best way to make such a set of guidelines would be on a…

SBC – Public Scientific Data

Here is the screencast of the session:

Conference pictures

Well, just below, I posted all of my pictures from the Conference. If you have some of your own, please upload them to the Facebook group and on Flickr. Tag the Flickr photos with the “” tag and then look around all the pictures and identify the people, tag them (on Facebook) or give their…

SBC pictures – Sunday

On Sunday morning, about 18-19 of the Conference participants met at the New World Coffee House for breakfast, where we were joined by Rep.Brad Miller (D-NC). Pictures under the fold….

SBC pictures – Saturday, part 2

And here, under the fold, are some more pictures from the Conference:

SBC pictures – Saturday, part 1

Here are some pictures from the Conference itself (under the fold):

SBC pictures – Friday dinner, part 5

And here is the last set from the Friday dinner at Town Hall Grill (under the fold):

SBC pictures – Friday dinner, part 4

And, under the fold, you will see even more pictures from the Friday night dinner (isn’t my wife a great photographer?):

SBC pictures – Friday dinner, part 3

Even more pictures from the Friday dinner at Town Hall Grill (under the fold):