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The Internet is for Porn

Hmmm, I am wondering if this is connected – adult sites are feeling the crunch so….are they now funding scientific consumer research?

What is wrong with the picture?

Serbian Ministry of Health, as part of their fight against AIDS, inserted a condom inside a women’s magazine this month. The condom is German-made, named “Bumper-Bumper” and in a fun-looking package: [Image from] The timing is unfortunate (I’m sure it was planned months in advance and was too difficult to pull back at the last…

The hook-up culture

Amanda is in the middle of reading Michael Kimmel’s Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men and has posted the first, preliminary review, with some very interesting explorations by the commenters as well (I guess the MRAs did not get there yet to ruin the discussion). The review is focusing on the societal gender…

Stephanie Coontz On Marriage

You probably know that I am quite interested in the history, current state, evolution and future of the institution of marriage, mainly because it is an important indicator of societal attitudes towards sex and towards gender-relations, which is the key to understanding political ideology. Between May 29, 2005 and February 23, 2006 I frequently mentioned…

This was first posted on forums on July 10, 2004, then republished on Science And Politics on August 18, 2004. That was to be just the first, and most raw, post on this topic on my blog. It was followed by about a 100 more posts building on this idea, modifying it, and changing…

…but if you do, I hope it was enjoyable! And edifying, of course. Kind of science that is amenable to experimentation at home.

…as I was reading this! But it’s science! Thus, not NSFW by definition….

An eye-catching yet flawed bar graph

Discussed at these sites, among others: Chart junk-ies When bar charts go bad World’s Most Expensive Places to Have Sex. Catch the flaw(s). Click here to see large. Go under the fold to see small:

Sex, Gender, Reproduction

I have not done a Friday Weird Sex Blogging post in ages, and I won’t do today either, but others did some cool blogging on various related topics: from gender disparities, to gynecological procedures, to weird animal/plant sex, so here is a little collection for this weekend: My take on Mr. Tierney’s article: Again, I…

I briefly noted this study yesterday, but now W. D. Craft analyzes it in great detail: I am pessimistic that the authors’ more careful conclusions and recommendations will be noticed. Instead I fear we’re in for more naive calls for “abstinence education” and coerced virginity pledges.