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You can listen to the Friday episode of Skeptically Speaking here. I am at the beginning, first 10 minutes or so, explaining what ScienceOnline2010 is all about. But the rest of the show with Paul Ingraham is very interesting as well.

This is exciting! From Young Australian Skeptics: Skeptical Blog Anthology 2009: Inspired by the annual The Open Laboratory, the Skeptical Blog Anthology is a printed anthology of blog posts voted the very best of 2009, managed by the Young Australian Skeptics in conjunction with the Critical Teaching Education Group (CTEG). The anthology is an attempt…

Attenborough makes sense (video)

Young Australian Skeptics

Young Australian Skeptics site is an excellent example of supporting other skeptics’ writing. There’s essays there by several of the ‘regulars’ of the Australian Skeptics of Carlos Blog Carnival, including: Karen Stollznow of Bad Language/Skepbitch; Kylie Sturgess of Podblack Blog / Skeptic Zone; Jack Scanlan of Homologous legs and Dr Rachael Dunlop of the Skeptic…

Eye Color

Carel discovered a fascinating website about iris pigmentation. As Carel notes: Morgan Worthy, a retired psychologist, has put together an iris pigmentation site that includes lists of iris color for over 5,600 vertebrate species, along with observations based on his database that range from the insightful to the mundane to the crackpottish. There are hypotheses…

If you are interested in mammoths, or if mammoths make the news, the first place to go is Archy: WOOLLY MAMMOTH LINKED TO SCIENCE FRAUD!!!


Big Heathen Mike just produced an issue of the Skeptics Circle that IMHO will be one of the most memorable ones! Who can resist taking a little trip with skeptics AND the Scooby Doo gang all together!

Sometimes a metaphor used in science is useful for research but not so useful when it comes to popular perceptions. And sometimes even scientists come under the spell of the metaphor. One of those unfortunate two-faced metaphors is the metaphor of the Biological Clock. First of all, there are at least three common meanings of…

Refreshing Skepticism

The Coca-Cola edition of the Skeptic’s Circle is now up on Skeptic’s Rant.