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RSA Animate – Smile or Die (video)

Clock Quotes

A man who has been in danger, When he comes out of it forgets his fears, And sometimes he forgets his promises. – Euripides

I am collecting all the blog and media coverage on this wiki page, but redundancy is always a good idea in the digital realm, so the links are also now posted here, under the fold: Update: the wiki page has reached its limit of number of links per page, so I am only updating this…

Pink toys

Not much to say myself, I just find the diversity of opinions in posts and comments fascinating: Dr.Isis: Careful, Girls! That’s Too Much Power! Arikia: Gendered Color Dichotomies-R-Us PZ: The powerlessness of pink Cori Kesler: My Droid is Pink Mareserinitatis: Pink Chad: Does Pinkification Fool Anybody?

Deadline is December 1st at midnight EST! That is roughly 37 hours to go. The submissions for OpenLab 2009 to date are under the fold. On December 2nd, I’ll put them all above the fold for all to see all the submissions. And then SciCurious and a large gang of judges will start sorting them…

Read about it on TechCrunch, FriendFeed, FriendFeed blog and Facebook.

Today’s carnivals

Carnival of Evolution #13 is up on FYI: Science! Festival of the Trees #37 is up on TGAW Four Stone Hearth #70 is up on Afarensis 114th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle is up on Homologous Legs Grand Rounds Vol. 5 No. 41 are up at Edwin Leap Carnival of the Green #186 is up…

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