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Today’s carnivals

The Giants’ Shoulders #7 is up on The Questionable Authority Encephalon #62 is up on The Mouse Trap Gene Genie #42 is up on Genetic Future Friday Ark #226 is up on Modulator Carnival of the Green #163 is up on SustainaBee

Praxis #6 is up on Podblack Cat

Today’s carnivals

Four Stone Hearth (58th Edition) is up on Moneduloides Skeptics’ Circle #103 is up on Bug Girl’s Blog

Today’s carnivals

Carnival of the Liberals # 82 is up on Accidental Blogger The 159th Carnival of Homeschooling is up on Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog

The next edition of Praxis will be on January 15th 2009, at the Pod Black Cat. There are only 2 days left until the deadline for the 7th edition of The Giant’s Shoulders, to be held at The Questionable Authority. Next Carnival of the Liberals will be on Accidental Blogger tomorrow, but you still have…

Did you know that the largest desert on Earth is Antarctica? And the second largest is Arctic? And only then comes Sahara! Well, I knew that because Hal Heathwole taught a Desert Ecology course that many of my buddies in grad school took. But if you don’t believe me, check out the Wikipedia page about…