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Casual Fridays: Here’s to your job!

Sorry I’m posting this so late this week — I was having problems connecting to the Internet earlier today, and hey, it’s Friday, so I had plans for the evening. But it is still Friday, so you can’t complain too much.

This week’s study is on a topic of particular interest on Fridays: drinking. Specifically, what you drink, and where. Do people have different drinking habits when they’re at job-related events compared to social events, and are these patterns generalizable?

Greta thinks she’s noticed a pattern in the way people drink at work-related functions compared to other times, and this is our chance to see if it’s borne out in a larger, more diverse group than the Davidson College campus.

As usual, you have until 11:59 Eastern time on Wednesday, February 6, to reply. However, the survey will close after 250 responses, so make sure you get your response in as soon as possible!

Click here to take the survey

Update: The survey is now closed. Look for the results on Friday.