Cognitive Daily

Do pictures evoke similar emotions for you as they do for others? Now’s your chance to find out. This week’s Casual Fridays study is designed to determine whether the same pictures evoke the same emotions in different people. You’ll first be asked your birth month, which is just a way to divide participants into roughly equal sized groups. Then you’ll be asked to rate pictures on emotional scales. Come back next Friday to see the results!

Click here to participate.

As usual, you’ll have until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11, to participate (or until there are 400 responses, 150 more than normal. Go crazy this week, we’ve got surveymonkey points to burn!).

There is a secret little twist to this one, so I’m closing comments for now. Feel free to email if you have questions about the study.

edit: oops! somehow I accidentally set the limit to 250 responses. I bumped it up to 400, so if you tried earlier, try again now.