Cognitive Daily

We’ve got just three days left for our Donors Choose Challenge. Based on the poll we conducted last week, the primary reason (short of being broke) for not donating is not seeing a worthwhile project. I’ve now added one more that I think is particularly worthy: The Shocking Simplicity of Electric Circuits. This project would serve a classroom whose families are 76 percent low-income, and get them excited about science with a real hands-on activity about electric circuits.

To fully fund this project, we need to raise just $846. Some of that could come from SEED’s $10,000 in matching funds, and Greta and I will very likely kick in some additional money ourselves, so we’re not asking you to get us all the way there — every little bit will help.

If you’ve been putting off your donation, now’s the time to make a real difference, for real kids in a real classroom. Show us what you can do! Click here to donate to our challenge.