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CogDaily’s big summer vacation!

The whole Munger family will be heading out of town for the next three weeks. Fortunately, there should be plenty to keep you occupied here while we’re gone. We’ve written up a few posts in anticipation of the trip, and they’ve been scheduled to appear intermittently while we’re gone.

In addition, we’ve gone to the archives and found some of our all-time greatest hits, which are scheduled to pop up a couple times a week. If you started reading Cognitive Daily later than, say, May of 2005, there’ll certainly be something here that’s new to you. Finally, I’m going to try to post a few smaller items each week from the road. (Greta, who’s spent the summer building a year’s worth of experiments, including a few demos which will show up here on Casual Fridays this fall, makes no such promises. She plans to avoid anything remotely resembling work while we’re vacationing.)

If you’d like to see more of the details of the trip itself, I’m going to try to post occasional updates at my personal blog, Word Munger.


  1. #1 ivy privy
    July 18, 2006

    Will you find time to report on this?:
    Virtual Reality Puts Telepathy To The Test

    Scientists at The University of Manchester have created a virtual computer world designed to test telepathic ability.

    Approximately 100 participants will take part in the experiment which aims to test whether telepathy exists between individuals using the system. The project will also look at how telepathic abilities may vary depending on the relationships which exist between participants.

    Do these people know what they are doing? I hope they don’t let the high-tech nature of their test blind them from good old-fashioned analysis of possible weaknesses in the testing method and consideration of how subjects might cheat.

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