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Last chance on the Blogger SAT Challenge

There are just over 24 hours remaining in the Blogger SAT Challenge.

The challenge has gained substantial notice in the blogosphere, with dozens of blogs linking to it, including at least one top-20 blog. I expect that when we publish the results, there will be even more interest in it. So….

If you’ve been putting off participating, now is your chance. Be warned, however, that it truly is a challenge. Though we’ve now had nearly 400 people start the challenge by entering a name and clicking through to the essay question, at last count (back when there were just 259 survey views), only 78 respondents had attempted to answer the essay question itself. Most of our commenters agree that the challenge was a tough one.

I’ve already heard from several highly qualified volunteer graders; we will be contacting you by the end of the week with guidelines for scoring. We believe we have enough volunteers to score each essay twice, just like the real SAT. However, we could use a couple more, just in case. If you have experience teaching college writing, or if you’ve graded the real SAT or worked for an SAT prep service, send me an email at dave at wordmunger dot com and let me know if you’d like to help.