Cognitive Daily

  • Winners of mid-sized lottery prizes are happier than losers — or those winning small prizes — even over the long term.
  • Chris Chatham reviews a review of the research on Theory of Mind, the science of understanding how people understand the minds of others.
  • Tom Keane argues that bridges should not be made suicide proof, as this will only shift the problem elsewhere while ruining the beauty of bridges.
  • John Grohol argues that bridges should have suicide barriers, because they can save lives.
  • For more great posts, visit Encephalon 9, a roundup of the best neuroscience posts over the last two weeks.


  1. #1 mcewen
    December 5, 2006

    This looks like an interesting round-up [new blogger bumbles into the wrong hemisphere] I’ll be back later for a closer look. Thank you

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