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Here’s the Cognitive Daily weekly podcast for December 16. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the podcast using the special RSS feed:

To subscribe using iTunes, select Subscribe to Podcast from the Advanced menu, then paste or type in the URL.

To access the podcast directly, click on the links below:

Cognitive Daily’s weekly podcast for December 16, 2006 (AAC version)

Cognitive Daily’s weekly podcast for December 16, 2006 (MP3 version)

Cognitive Daily’s weekly podcast provides audio versions of each week’s CogDaily reports on peer-reviewed research.

In the future, if there’s enough interest, we hope to also offer interviews with the experts who conducted the research, and additional features requested by our listeners.

Do you have any suggestions or requests for the podcast? Let us know in the comments, or email Dave Munger at dave–@–wordmunger–.– com (remove dashes).


  1. #1 Scott Reynen
    December 16, 2006

    You realize the podcast itself notifies us when there’s a new MP3, right? You don’t have to announce it every time, and it’s actually a bit annoying to be notified of the same thing twice.

    Also annoying: your comment form doesn’t work without JavaScript. It seems it’s becoming more and more inconvenient to use this site.

  2. #2 Dave Munger
    December 16, 2006

    As far as I know, the comment form does not require javascript. I accidentally had the comments turned off on this post earlier today, so that might be what you experienced.

    Sorry about the inconvenience of the double-notifications, but at this point it’s the only way I can add the audio files to the podcast feed. I’ll talk with our technical staff about improving this situation in the future.

  3. #3 Kim
    December 18, 2006

    Since I don’t use (and I’m only presuming that this is what the previous commenter is talking about, I could be wrong) iTunes or anything like that for podcasts, I don’t have any double-notifications. I’m not sure I understand how it works exactly, but I don’t think people being notified about something twice could be annoying enough to outweigh the number of people who might miss the podcasts if you didn’t make a post announcing it. I like the announcement. Then again, I’m no internet genius, so it’s very possible I could be in a vast minority.

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