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Here’s the Cognitive Daily weekly podcast for December 23. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the podcast using the special RSS feed:

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Cognitive Daily’s weekly podcast for December 23, 2006 (AAC version)

Cognitive Daily’s weekly podcast for December 23, 2006 (MP3 version)

Cognitive Daily’s weekly podcast provides audio versions of each week’s CogDaily reports on peer-reviewed research.

In the future, if there’s enough interest, we hope to also offer interviews with the experts who conducted the research, and additional features requested by our listeners.

Do you have any suggestions or requests for the podcast? Let us know in the comments, or email Dave Munger at dave–@–wordmunger–.– com (remove dashes).


  1. #1 Vic's Still Standing
    December 24, 2006

    I just read your comment on the Darn Divorce site: “Men are usually less happy and better off financially after divorce. Women are usually happier and poorer.”

    Generally so true. I was lucky. My husband and I split with civility (if not amicably), and all I wanted in the end was 50% of our combined assets. We’d been married for 26 years and I’d supported him during grad school, working full time. Just as things got easier financially, he said he needed his space. I found out, with alarm, how the legal and counseling system is set up to pave the way for divorce and make the process easier. (What ever happened to honoring one’s vows and making things work?)

    I’ve moved on. And I refuse to play the blame game of “he said, she said.” I love men and I love being around them. I refuse to talk poorly about the opposite sex, which is what so many seem to do, bashing the opposite sex as if they have no feelings. Yours was one of the first sensible remarks in that series of comments I read. Thanks.

    Oh, and I just subscribed to your podcasts. Cool. Happy holidays.

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