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This post is scheduled to appear the moment our plane takes off for a very extended vacation to Europe. We’ll be gone for seven weeks, but we won’t be abandoning Cognitive Daily. We’ve scheduled two extended research posts to appear each week, each written by one of Greta’s top student writers and carefully edited for accuracy and readability by both me and Greta.

Aaron Couch, the Cognitive Daily intern, will be here to help manage the comment discussion threads, post news items, and make sure there aren’t any technical glitches.

I’ll also be hauling my computer along for the journey, so Greta and I will pop in here with occasional psychology-related travel posts. For example, we’re definitely visiting the Freud museum in Vienna, and we’ll certainly include photos of that experience!

If you’d like to follow our travels even more closely, head over to Word Munger, where I’ll try to post update at least every few days. You can find our itinerary on this post.

We’ll be back in the U.S. and posting more or less on the normal schedule on July 23. See you then!


  1. #1 Javier
    June 10, 2007

    I’m sorry to say Freud Museum is a bit of a deception, but it’s nice and you can stop at the AA to have some nice and unexpensive lunch (I think they’re both on Bergasse), apart from the great coffee and wonderful sights Wien offers.

    I got told they moved most of the stuff to London, so there isn’t too much to see (I actually bought my Freud action figure over there if you don’t already have it).

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your trip and hope to see you down in Madrid!!

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