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DonorsChoose wrap-up

Well, we didn’t quite reach our goal of raising $6,000 for Donors Choose. However, we were able to raise over $2,000 for students in underfunded schools. Greta and I matched ten percent of the donations, contributing $203 in addition to the funds you donated.

Five of the projects we chose are now fully funded: Roller Coaster Physics, Leaping Into Math and Science, What do you see?–A Spatial Visualization Study, Where Did the Playground Go?, Psych for Seniors Part I, and Math Manipulatives To Teach Students Concepts With. There are still a couple projects that are partially funded — and just because the official challenge is over doesn’t mean you can’t still donate to them. They are: Psych for Seniors Part II, Psych for Seniors Part III, Calculate the Joy of Helping At Risk Students Part 1, and Science Jeopardy Tutorials – Technology Needed.

The closer these projects get to being fully funded, the more likely it is that Seed’s $15,000 in matching funds will be applied to them, so a small donation now can have a big effect.

All in all, readers of ScienceBlogs contributed over $54,000 to DonorsChoose. We’re glad Cognitive Daily readers could help in this effort. Thanks to all who donated!


  1. #1 Skye
    November 7, 2007

    Since the unmet donation goal was a topic of discussion before and I forgot to chime in, I will now. This link demonstrates a way I think people can better be motivated to donate. TWoP consistently hits (and exceeds) its donation goals, because they offer people something unique and personal that appeals to them. Either the staff volunteers to write a recap of a show they don’t usually write for (motivating the fans of that show) or (in this case) they do something absolutely idiotic if a certain goal is reached.

    Basically, I can (and do) donate to charity myself, so being driven to donate through another organization to one I can reach directly isn’t very motivating — unless a friend has asked me to do it. However, if I get some amusement in addition to my feel-good, then I might be motivated to donate. (And donate more than I usually might.)

    Just an idea for the future. Possibly I just want to see psychologists in silly costumes, though.

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