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Bora Zivkovic is finishing up his nominations for Open Laboratory 2007, a collection of the best Science Blogging in 2007. I’d like to nominate a couple Cognitive Daily posts (this post made it into the 2006 collection), but I thought it might be good to get our readers’ input on the posts they liked the most.

Since these posts are supposed to go into a book, posts with interactive demos, polls, and so on, aren’t necessarily ideal (though we could write up the poll results for the purposes of a book chapter).

So, what CogDaily post was your favorite this year? Let us know in the comments. Or, you could go straight to the source and nominate a post yourself!


  1. #1 Freiddie
    November 13, 2007

    This is a tough question – I don’t really remember all the posts, so it’s kind of hard to answer. I think I’ll vote for this one:
    What do others think?

  2. #2 Keely
    November 13, 2007

    It is a tough question. I liked the post in regards to specific praise for children. And there was one about language I think it was. Two remote villages in …Mongolia? and how children’s attitudes were more positive or negative? I’m sorry, I don’t remember exactly, but it’s inspired me to look up the article and read it again. It was really interesting.

    I hope that somewhat helps. Sorry if it doesn’t.

    Perhaps what would be more helpful is to post links to the articles YOU were thinking about, and we could sort of vote on which of those we liked best. Your question as it stands now is a little broad. This is perhaps why you’ve had relatively few responses.

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