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Omnispectacle? Retrobrain?

The number of psychology / neuroscience blogs on will soon decrease by one. However, the number of bloggers will stay the same. How is that possible?

The hilarious Omni Brain and thought-provoking Restrospectacle are each closing down shop. But they’re re-emerging as a new blog that combines the efforts of Steve and Shelley. They haven’t yet come up with a name for their project, so head on over to their blogs and offer suggestions. If they choose a name picked by a commenter, they’re offering a generous prize. I’m closing comments here so all their suggestions are in the same place.

One other bit of ScienceBlogs news: Kevin Zelnio of The Other 95% has joined the staff at Deep Sea News. This was the announcement I mentioned on Friday — I met Kevin at the Science Blogging conference last week and he told me then he’d soon be joining us here.

I’ve also learned of another blogger from the CogDaily blogroll who’ll soon be part of the ScienceBlogs team, but once again that news will have to wait for the official announcement.