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Jemsite, a website, forum and blog about guitars, has posted a fairly extensive interview with me about the psychology of music, Cognitive Daily, and other projects I’m working on. Plus, you can find out the name of Jim’s Southern rock band, so head on over and check it out!

We’ll be hosting Encephalon here at CogDaily on Monday — it’s a bimonthly festival of the best cognitive / neuroscience blog posts on the web. If you’ve got a post you’d like to see included, send an email to encephalon — . — host — @ — gmail — . — com (remove dashes). In…

Today we’re introducing a new feature on Cognitive Daily. Every month, in addition to our regular blog posts, we’re going to create a downloadable mini-book (or maxi-article, take your pick) about an issue related to cognitive psychology. Surprise, surprise, it’s called Cognitive Monthly. Although based on posts that have appeared in CogDaily, it goes beyond…

Are you homosexual?

I’m having a dispute with a reader in an online forum. Let’s settle it here with a quick, private poll: What is your sexual orientation? ( surveys) Trust me, this is related to psychology.

Sorry, this week’s Casual Friday results won’t be ready until tomorrow. There’s lots of interesting data, and I want to make sure I do it justice.

CogDaily’s best posts of the year?

Here are the four posts that I selected to nominate for Open Laboratory 2008, the collection of the best science blog posts of the year: Toddlers play with impossibly small toys as if they’re the real thing Will video games solve sex-discrimination in science? How to make your eye feel like it’s closed, when it’s…

Plunging in to social networking

I’ve set up accounts on FriendFeed and Twitter with the username davemunger. I’m going to give these sites a try for the next week or so. Unlike with Facebook where we’ve got a profile but haven’t really done much, I’d actually like to actively participate in these networks. I’d appreciate any tips readers have for…

Greta and I will be participating in a panel on blogging tomorrow in Charlotte, NC. If you’re in town, you might want to stop by. More information here.

Links for Shireen Campbell’s class

Today I’m visiting Shireen Campbell’s class at Davidson College to talk about Cognitive Daily and other writing projects. This post collects the links I’ll be using for class. If you’re not in the class they might not be relevant to you, but they include some of our most popular posts, so maybe you’ll enjoy reading…

Vote for Encephalon!

Encephalon is up at Mind Hacks! Go check it out! Greta and I are off to vote today, so you’ll have to get your psychology fix over there. Oh, and out of curiousity: Have you voted yet? ( surveys)