Common Knowledge

Support the commons…

Just so everyone knows, I will post this twice, once today, and once more during the campaign.

But in times of economic downturn, keeping non-profit organizations going is hard. Keeping user-supported ones going is harder. We’re committed to raising about 20% of our operating funds from our users, and in the middle of our fall campaign.

If you use CC licenses, please stop by and drop $25 or so into the tiller. It’s like NPR – the more you give, the more swag you get. But hopefully what you really get is the good feeling from supporting something you care about.

A $25 donation is about the cost of a month’s membership to eMusic, or a solid playlist at iTunes. In Boston it’s about five beers, with a crummy tip, or two pizzas. Is keeping CC going worth two pizzas? Click below to make it happen.

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