Lots of great articles in this issue! Pretty well every one is worth checking out:

If there’s one item from the list that I think deserves special attention it’s the Short Course on Patent Reference for Science and Technology Librarians by Linda Shackle. I know enough about patents and patent searching to recognize that this is an excellent introduction to the topic. There’s enough that I still have to learn to be grateful for this wonderful resource.

This article is an introduction to patent reference for librarians who work in U.S. libraries and will give a foundation on which to build knowledge and skills in this area. Librarians who only occasionally receive patent questions may use this as a “how-to guide” with a list of resources. Although international patents are discussed, the guide is primarily U.S.-based, and covers what a patent is, provides basic searching techniques in the major free patent databases on the web, and links to patent information sources.


  1. #1 Christina Pikas
    May 22, 2009

    Ben posted an update to the listserv – he missed citing Garfield’s 2004 ASIST conference paper which is also about percent rank. Doesn’t change the outcome of the article at all, just provides more information

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