Music Mondays: Forty-Four Blues

Forty-four or 44 Blues is a fairly well know blues standard and is certain a song that I really love. I was first introduced to it during an Eric Clapton concert a number of years ago, during his From the Cradle tour. It wasn’t part of the album, but he did perform it live. It actually took me a while to figure out what the song was and to get a few versions of it. I don’t believe it’s ever appeared, live or studio versions, on an official Clapton album.

And in the tradition of the One Song I Really Love post I did for Soulshine a while back, I thought I’d give a quickie for 44 for a holiday Monday.

Here they are, five versions of one song I really love:

Not quite as well known as Soulshine, there don’t seem to be as many versions of 44 Blues on Youtube, although there are a lot. Between that and my not being in an archivist mood today, we’ll have to settle for just the five.


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    September 9, 2010

    I like RL Burnside too.

  2. I loved the Clapton version. Great stuff. It’s a shame we cant’ get a high res version for download somewhere. I would love to add this song to may collection.

    Let us know if you find it somewhere. This would be a great find.

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