And perhaps student tweets complaining about professor tweets also reaches an all-time high!

Anyways, here it is, 11am on a holiday Friday morning and all I really want to do is relax and read a book. But what do I have to do? Write a Friday Fun post! What a drag.

So, if I want to get the dreary chore of trying to be funny over with as quickly as possible, where do I turn? The Cronk News of course!

Professor Tweets Complaining about Student Tweets Reaches All-Time High

Twitter has become a popular way for faculty and staff to complain about the students with immediate gratification by “Tweeting” their frustrations.

One Tweet from a user called “@ProfHarmU” stated, “The little bombastic simpletons could not form a simple sentence if it slapped them in the face!” Another said, “If they can’t identify the food maybe we should start feeding them what they think it looks like!”


Holly Swinson, a sophomore at Harmony University, said, “I don’t Tweet anymore because all my crazy professors are doing it and it’s kinda creepy.”


The administration has decided to call an emergency council to convene due to the behavior around campus concerning cell phones; however, meetings are usually cut short due to cell phone usage.

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