Friday Fun: Noir Week at

All week I’ve been planning to feature’s Noir Week series here today. Somehow it’s fitting that my slightly dark mood right now is matched by the subject matter of the Friday Fun.

From the introductory post:

Welcome to Noir Week at! Join us as we escape from the sweltering dog days of summer into the cool, shadowy underworld of back alleys, jazz joints, hardboiled hooligans and tough-talking femme fatales; a world filled with violence, glamour, and intrigue, where the color scheme is black and white and the rules are anything but….

This week, we’re making the most of our “And related subjects” tagline and branching out into new territory: in addition to our regular content, we’ve got posts on some of our favorite classic noir movies, writers, iconic characters and actors. Less a genre than a style, noir continues to be an iconic and influential force in fiction, film, and fashion and we’re taking a detour all the way down to its shady, whiskey-soaked roots — so grab your fedora, slip your pearl-handled pistol into your purse, and brush off your best Bogart impression: it’s going to be a wild ride.

Here’s a smattering of posts so far:

And don’t forget to checkout the Index post. There’s tons of great stuff on noir and especially the fantastic & science fictional noir.


  1. #1 Elizabeth
    April 25, 2015

    “The stars, McGee, look down on a world where thousands of 4-H kids are raising prize cattle and sheep. The Green Bay packers, of their own volition, join in the Lord’s Prayer before a game. Many good and gentle people have fallen in love this night. At this moment, thousands of women are in labor from the fruit of good marriage. Thousands of kids sleep the deep sleep which comes from the long practice hours for competitive swimming and tennis. Good men have died today, leaving hearts sick with loss. In quiet rooms young girls are writing poems. People are laughing together, in quiet places.”

  2. #2 Elizabeth
    April 26, 2015

    “Around them in the world, people ride escalators up and sneak secret glances at the faces coming down. People dangle teabags over hot water in white CUPS. Cars run silently on the autobahns, streaks of painted light. People sit at desks and stare at office walls. They smell their shirts and drop them in the hamper. People bind themselves into numbered seats and and fly across time zones and high cirrus and deep night, knowing there is something they’ve forgotten to do.”

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