Newsbiscuit is my favourite humour site and has been for a while. The dry British humour combined with OTT story ideas is irresistible.

And speaking of irresistible, I just love this one:

Disappointment for scientists as new super-computer fails to go mad

Scientists at Mal-Tech University, Wisconsin have expressed their immense disappointment at the failure of their new super-computer Off White to show any signs of megalomania.

The technological titan went online six months ago has since performed flawlessly, displaying nary a hint of sentience, lunacy or vague curiosity. Project leader Professor Eugene Blank said ‘We were really looking forward to pitting our wits against a self-aware computing colossus with a God complex but the damn thing just sits there all day doing really big sums and getting them right every time without so much as a hint of smugness or even a ‘Good Morning Eugene’. It has less personality than my cousin Maurice who works in real estate and drives a Toyota.’

Makes me think of just about every Star Trek episode ever.


  1. #1 Claus Poulsen
    August 23, 2013

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