The Corpus Callosum

Update On Spy Disclosures

Fresh from a bout with the Press regarding disclosures of spying on
financial institutions, Vice-president Cheney has taken up a new cause.
 The Reuters news agency has revealed operational details of
yet another spy plot:

seek to spy on world’s fish

Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:15pm ET

By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent

OSLO (Reuters) – Thousands of marine animals could be tracked under a
$150 million project to understand threats to life in the oceans with
technology perfected for supermarket checkouts, scientists said on

Under the scheme, scientists would implant electronic tags into
creatures such as salmon, tuna, sharks, sturgeon, penguins or polar
bears to register their movements via acoustic receivers on the floors
of the oceans or via satellite.

“Today we know less about our marine life — how these animals live,
where they go — than we know about the back side of the moon,” said
Ron O’Dor, head of the Ocean Tracking Network to be set up at Dalhousie
University in Canada…

Cheney thundered his complaint, that “now the fish will know we are
tracking them.”  He added,  “this will cause them to
seek new routes and hiding places, leading to frustrated fishermen
around the nation.”  He implied that incidents of
face-shooting will become more common, as tempers flare on streams and