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How High Can You Fly?

Here are a couple more vacation photos…



Notice that the bottom photo may seem to have been taken from a greater
altitude, although that is not the case.  The top one is not
really a
vacation photo; it’s from the Astronomy
Picture of the Day
site.  (Credit: STS-121
, Expedition
13 Crew

The top one was taken from a Space Shuttle; the bottom one was taken
from a Boeing 737-500.  The use of a wide-angle lens, and the
placement of the horizon close to the top of the picture, causes the
horizon to look as though it is has greater curvature; this causes the
appearance of a higher altitude.  

The top photo shows a greater color gradient in the sky, which is a
clue that it is the one that actually was taken from a greater


  1. #1 Rygel
    August 8, 2006

    One day i want to photograph the earth from space. I need to remember that we’re just dots on the planet 🙂

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