The Corpus Callosum

Originally uploaded by icki.

This is a photo from an Ann Arbor blogger, known to the world as Icki, who has been in New Orleans lately. This is from his Flickr collection; click on the photo to go to his Flickr page.

His blog is called Down on the Street. It is one of the better photoblogs I’ve seen.

For some reason, this photo got my attention. Icki’s caption is: “Six months after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the Lower 9th Ward, one of the worst hit areas, remains largely untouched by clean-up efforts.”

I posted that six months after Katrina. I’m not sure why, but the picture caught my attention in a way that indicated that it is important somehow. In the meantime, Icki has moved from Ann Arbor to Champaign, Illinois. I’ve moved on to a different blog. In New Orleans, there has been more cleanup, but it still is nowhere near done.

After Katrina, I had the thought that we would come to think of this as the post-Katrina era, much as we now use the phrase “post 9/11.” But the impact was not as great as I had anticipated. I still wonder why that is the case.