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Linkfest Monday II

I am not feeling well today, so here is a low-overhead (for me) set of
links.  Anything thoughtful that goes up here yesterday,
today, or tomorrow was written ahead of time, and scheduled.
 The last one was from science news.  This one is
from blogs.  Anyway, here goes:

on the War Crimes Act [and another reason to think about

on the propaganda battle to provide a rationale for war in Iran.

Hoolie, from the south-eastern part of west North Carolina: political
satire on YouTube
[link courtesy of href="">American
Samizdat] Think of the prospect of higher fees for
high-bandwidth users and content providers, and how it could stifle
this kind of thing.  Then, you will understand what “net
neutrality” is all about.

has a good collection on the problems of electronic voting.
 You all know how I feel about this.  

about routine HIV testing.  State laws may have to
change, but eventually it should happen.

(Cannon) mentions another political (mis)use of YouTube.
 Just by adding a faux headline (which is all some people will
read) a false message is conveyed.

Variance picks up on the Tripoli Six.  It was too
upsetting for me to blog about, but at least I can link to it.

posts something I meant to, but did not get around to.
Organizers of Spain’s top annual fashion show, the Pasarela Cibeles,
rejected five models as being too thin to appear in this year’s event.

I actually thought about doing this, but decided against it
 Perhaps if I were younger, and/or had no family.

NOT to fight the war on terrorism.  Is it any wonder
that href="">experts
say our efforts are making things worse?  Note that
the survey was done before the Pakistan thing came out, and before the
recent href="">NIE.