The Corpus Callosum

Linkfest Monday

I am not feeling well today, so here is a low-overhead (for me) set of
links.  Anything thoughtful that goes up here yesterday,
today, or tomorrow was written ahead of time, and scheduled.
 Anyway, here goes:

Cell Transplantation Safely Improves Heart Failure in Humans

(Medscape; free registration required)  Shows a real
therapeutic effect from stem cells.  It does not, however,
address the controversy about embryonic stem cells,
because autologous stem cells are used.  

nicotine attenuates depression symptoms
. This is not ready
for prime time, by any means.  It is based on a small sample
and a short period of study.  It is mostly of interest to
basic-science folks who are trying to figure out all the threads in the
multi-dimensional net of causality in mood disorders.  

Cocktail Turns Argentine Ants Against Each Other
are working on a chemical cocktail that can turn members of a massive
colony of invasive Argentine ants into mortal foes.
[It works for bugs, will it work on Republicans?]