The Corpus Callosum

Linkfest Monday

I am not feeling well today, so here is a low-overhead (for me) set of
links.  Anything thoughtful that goes up here yesterday,
today, or tomorrow was written ahead of time, and scheduled.
 Anyway, here goes:

Cell Transplantation Safely Improves Heart Failure in Humans

(Medscape; free registration required)  Shows a real
therapeutic effect from stem cells.  It does not, however,
address the controversy about embryonic stem cells,
because autologous stem cells are used.  

nicotine attenuates depression symptoms. This is not ready
for prime time, by any means.  It is based on a small sample
and a short period of study.  It is mostly of interest to
basic-science folks who are trying to figure out all the threads in the
multi-dimensional net of causality in mood disorders.  

href=""> class="inset right"
alt="image" border="0" height="40" width="60"> href="">Chemical
Cocktail Turns Argentine Ants Against Each Other.
are working on a chemical cocktail that can turn members of a massive
colony of invasive Argentine ants into mortal foes.
[It works for bugs, will it work on Republicans?]