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Great Headline

The British are famous for the clever turn of the phrase, and the
headline writers at the BBC are among the best.

Search for least-worst option in Iraq

By Paul Reynolds
World affairs correspondent, BBC News

A “helluva mess” is how the former US Secretary of State James Baker is
said to have described the state of Iraq – and the search is on for the
least-worst option for US policy makers.

“The least-worst option.”  Can anyone come up with a more
descriptive phrase?


  1. #1 Alex
    October 24, 2006

    Someone on NANOG used “pessimised”, by analogy to “optimised”, a while back.

  2. #2 csrster
    October 24, 2006

    I bet most British people think that “least worst” is a godawful americanism.

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