The Corpus Callosum

Football Thoughts

The Game just started.  I am not going to live-blog it, in the
traditional sense, but
I am going to make a few comments.  

The student newspaper at UM is the Michigan Daily.  Right now,
their entire front page (screen
) on the website is a memorial to the recently-deceased
former head coach, Bo Schembechler.  

got the ball first; the kickoff went out the side of
the end zone.  They started on the 20, then marched down the
field with the same level
of precision as the marching band, and with about the same amount of
opposition.  Two runs and four passes set up the touchdown
run.  The first pass was a brilliant quick slant, run and
thrown with micrometer precision, gaining 24 yards.  The
fourth pass went for 25 yards.  Hart trotted in, almost

So although Bo would have been proud, he also would have been bemused.

It is important to respect tradition, but it also is important to be
open to change.  The key is to find the right balance.