The Corpus Callosum

There Are Limits

The big news on the USA culture front: Rupert Murdoch has personally
intervened, and canned
the OJ Simpson deal
.  He actually apologized.
 So, maybe we have found the outer limit of decency.

In other news, a court rejected the argument of a person who sued a
city over its logo.  He argued that the logo, which depicts
crosses, was an unconstitutional governmental endorsement of religion.

Ordinarilly, I support strict restrictions on the separation of church
and state.  But sometimes the allegations go too far.


The city, of course, is Las Cruces (Spanish for The Crosses.)
 The judge
that if a city is called The Crosses, it is OK for
the logo to show crosses.  

The city was
settled and named
while the area was still part of Mexico,
obviously not covered by the US Constitution at the time.  

Note that the logo is hardly an in-your-face kind of religious display.
 In fact, it appears to me as though it is deliberately
understated, designed in such a way that the crosses do not stand out.

I guess there are limits to some things.  


  1. #1 Mustafa Mond, FCD
    November 21, 2006

    GrrlScientist needs help. Do you have any contacts in New York City?

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