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Michael Crichton Gets His

PZ’s post on Crichton reminded me to point this out.  For
those of you who don’t know, Michael Crichton got kind of nasty, paying
back a critic by making up a character in a book.  The made-up
character had just enough similarity to let us know who he was getting
back at.  Details are here.
 His reputation is taking a big hit because of it.

There is more detail here.

For those of you who don’t already know it, Michael
Crichton, the
author of “Jurassic Park,” is a far-right lunatic.
As you may recall,
the plot of his last book revolved around some evil environmentalists
who were perpetuating the
hoax of global warming
in order to terrify and manipulate the
masses, and amass wealth, or some such bullshit. (You know how
evil those environmentalists are.
Well, as you may also recall, a lot of writers called him on it at the
time. One such writer was a Washington-based journalist for the
Republic,” Michael Crowley, who penned a piece called
“The Jurassic
President.” In it, Crowley pointed out the enormous
scientific gaffs in
the book, as well as the outright lies, and drew attention to the fact
that Crichton had gotten a private meeting with the President to
discuss global warming when no respected climatologists had been given
the opportunity. Apparently the story pissed Crichton off.

In his latest book, entitled “Next,” Crichton
introduces us to a character named Mick
Mick, like the real-life Michael, is a Yale-educated political
columnist in Washington. He also happens to enjoy – are you ready for
this – anally
raping infants
. And, yes, you read that right…

Now, there is a fledgling wiki project, started in the hope of writing
a short story, or novel, or opus.  Anyone can contribute.
 It’s called Mick
Crichton, Lover of Babies
.  Editing it is
easier than Wikipedia.  I even added a few lines myself.
 So if you want to join in, go ahead.  Someone should
find a way to work in the global warming theme into the plot, such as
it is.


  1. #1 Mondo
    December 21, 2006

    Yeah I imagine you would have to have a lot of heft with your editor to get that through (which I assume he has amassed). Disturbing.

  2. #2 logtar
    December 21, 2006

    Wow, this was funny until the anally raping babies came up. WTF is wrong with Crichton. I actually find his writting hilarious! its fiction people.

  3. #3 Phil
    December 25, 2006

    I became aware that Michael Crichton was bonkers (and thus in retrospect a potential member of the right-wing lie machine) with his autobiography Travels (1988) where he tells of his accounts of psychic experiences that include channeling.

  4. #4 susanjillian
    January 5, 2007

    Has anyone checked to see if he is a Scientologist? I believe they have a question on one of the questionnaires “have you ever raped an infant?”. No I am not making that up. It’s worth looking at. I suspect he is a closet Scientologist or is using their tricks to intimidate. Any way you look at it something is wrong with him.

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