The Corpus Callosum

Perhaps it is a mere coincidence, but I could not help but notice
this. As soon as Democrats take control of the House and Senate, we
see these headlines:

trip for electric vehicles
: automakers unveil plans for electric
cars; no need to put pressure on the auto industry!

Drug Program Costing Less Than Estimates, U.S. Says
: no need to
pressure the pharmaceutical industry!

increase hiring, wages in Dec.
: no need to worry about jobs and
wages, or to put pressure on big business!

crude oil prices should translate soon to lower prices at the pump
leave the oil companies alone!

Does anyone think these headlines reflect what is
really going on in the world?


  1. #1 Greg P
    January 7, 2007

    In the doctors lounge the other day, someone said, “Raising the minimum wage makes no sense. It just triggers inflation, and those people end up being worse off.”

    But I guess it’s OK that executives get massive bonuses, backdated options, and that 30 seconds of Superbowl advertising costs $2.6 million. No risk of inflation there, and I guess in the end the low-end wage earners are better off.

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