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Live Blogging Superbowl pt. 11

Part eleven.  Bears have the ball.  They were doing OK until
their quarterback fell down. 

Today has been proclaimed “Brian Urlacher Day,” in New Mexico. 

Bill Richardson Declares Super Bowl Sunday “Brian Urlacher Day” in New

February 2, 2007
Jon Goldstein 505-476-2248

(Santa Fe, NM) – Governor Bill Richardson today declared Super Bowl
Sunday, this Sunday February 4, 2007, as “Brian Urlacher Day” in New
Mexico in honor of the Chicago Bears middle linebacker, Lovington, New
Mexico native and University of New Mexico football star…

Politics is sometimes referred to as “the thinking person’s game,”
which makes about as much sense as calling football a thinking person’s
game.  I like Richardson, and hope he does well in the
primaries.  But I’m not sure this kind of thing is going to make
much difference.  It was clever of him, got him some free
publicity, and that was smart.  But politics is not about being
smart, it’s about having money.  That and acting tough. 
Football is really about money and acting tough.