The Corpus Callosum

Live Blogging Superbowl pt. 12

It is looking as though the Colts are going to win this one. 
Another interception, this time with the Bears on the losing end. 
You just can’t win if you keep throwing things away. 

Over the past hour or so, I put plastic over two windows, because I was
throwing away heat.  The winter here has been uncharacteristically
warm up until now, so I didn’t bother with the usual insulation
ritual.  But now it is 18 below zero (C).

There has been a lot of atypical weather this year in the USA. 
Global warming?  Could be, but it is very difficult to ascribe any
single event to any single cause.  How would I attribute unusually
cold weather to global warming?  Easy.  With global warming,
you get increased climate variability.  Thus as the average
temperature goes up, you end up getting some unusually cold days thrown
into the mix. 

Wow.  ANOTHER interception.  There’s a flag, but I think the
Colts have it. 

Waste not, want not. 

The Bush administration seems to think the time to start conserving
something is after you’ve already run out of it.  He is not doing
any better as a President than Grossman is doing as a
quarterback.  Not only has he thrown away any chance of a decent
energy policy, but he’s thrown away any goodwill we may once have had
in foreign relations.  Grossman is not going to be too popular in
Chicago, at least until next season.  Bush, on the other hand, is
never going to get over his sullied reputation. 

Even the commentator on the TV just mentioned Grossman will not be
popular.  They haven’t said anything about politics, though. 
I know it doesn’t really make sense for me to intermingle the topics,
but the analogy between multiple fumbles and interceptions, and the
miscues of the Administration, is hard to resist.