The Corpus Callosum

Live Blogging Superbowl pt. 14

Post-game comments.  I understand the game was broadcast in 232
countries, and cybercast in six languages.  Maybe it is
more than just another game, if it draws that much attention. 

No, I take it back.  Money always attracts attention.  That
is why everyone pays attention to the USA in the first place.  It
is not “our freedom,” or culture, or even our foreign policy.  It
is just the money.


  1. #1 PhysioProf
    February 4, 2007

    All that “praise the lord” crap during the acceptance of the trophy ceremony really chapped my hide. Like the lord gives a fuck about football.

  2. #2 Dave S.
    February 5, 2007

    232? I didn’t even know there were that many countries.

    Checking Wiki…yes, there are 243 “entities considered to be countries”. I wonder which 11 didn’t make the grade. I’m guessing North Korea is one, but on the other hand I hear they have a huge Bears following over there. 🙂

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