The Corpus Callosum

Live Blogging Superbowl pt. 5

Part five comes at the start of the second quarter.  I am eating
burritos made with soy, phytoestrogens be damned.  Half the beer
is gone.  Started the game with 0.66 liters.  Now down to
about 330ml.  Goes well with the capsaicin. 

Finally seeing a decent bit of football.  Bears’ defense is really
the only part of the game that is going well.

Egad, did I ever tell y’all how much I hate commercials.  Before
the game, I was watching Howard Zinn on Book TV.  That was much
more interesting, and there were no commercials.  He was talking
about the dearth of civil disobedience and the ill effects on our
society.  He seems to think that the Bush Administration is up to
no good.

It’s raining in Miami.