The Corpus Callosum

This is a bizarre headline: Pentagon
Says Pre-War Intel Not Illegal
.  I found this item on Google
News, and it is one of many headlines on the subject: Pentagon office produced `alternative’
intelligence on Iraq
; Pentagon: Pre-War Intelligence Was Legit; and
others.  But some are more to the point: Pentagon did “inappropriate” Iraq work, sources say;
Official’s Key Report On Iraq Is Faulted; BREAKING: Pentagon Office of Special Plans
‘Inappropriate But Legal’
; and others.

I like the last one the best, because it does the best job of conveying
the substance of the report.  There is going to be a big
controversy over the substance of the report, not the headlines, and
I’ll leave it to others to cover that.  I point this out as yet
another example of how misleading “headline news” can be. 

Now we are left to wonder how it can be, that a report urging a goddam
WAR, could be “inappropriate, but not illegal.”  If something that
is “inappropriate” leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths, but is not
illegal, we need to rethink our legal system.