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Why Am I NOT Surprised?

Walter Reed Workforce Gets Scrutiny

Facility Lost Dozens Of Maintenance Workers

By Steve Vogel
and Renae Merle

Post Staff Writers

March 10, 2007; Page A03

scandal over treatment of outpatients at Walter Reed Army Medical
Center has focused attention on the Army’s decision to privatize the
facilities support workforce at the hospital, a move commanders say
left the building maintenance staff undermanned.

Democratic lawmakers have questioned the decision to hire IAP Worldwide
Services, a contractor with connections to the Bush administration and
to KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary…

I am
sure the whole story is more complicated, but it sure does look bad for
the proponents of the “privatization is always better” gang.

It also looks bad for the Cheney-Halliburton-KBR gang.  Some
patriots they turn out to be.  Support the troops.
 Rah rah.


  1. #1 Roy
    March 10, 2007

    Yours is the first publication I’ve seen that names the culprits of Walter Reed.

    Contractors are taking over governmental functions, and already control most of what our governments do, and they are, by and large, criminal syndicates, deeply in need of draconian prison sentences.

  2. #2 Joe Shelby
    March 10, 2007

    Well, one thing to remember about Walter Reed is that they intended to close it, only they made that decision (stupidly in the middle of a war) with no actual plans for where current wounded should go and where the continual influx of wounded would go as they arrived weekly from the interim hospitals in Germany.

    So maintenance dropped like a rock ’cause nobody was supposed to be there.

    That ALL of these decisions were wrong is more important, though I agree that using cronyism to pretend to maintain the upkeep of the facility while at the same time not giving them a budget capable of achieving the intention (gee, another trend?) is certainly also worth exposing.

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