The Corpus Callosum

playoffs are not even underway in the 2007 Science Spring Showdown, yet
already the teams are maneuvering for any advantage they can get.
 The match-ups are so even, that everyone knows it is the
intangibles that will make a difference.  

the highly-competitive “Chair” Bracket, the world’s scientific
community has its eyes riveted on the IAU vs. Pluto game.  As Benjamin
pointed out, Pluto is the “sentimental favorite.”
 Now, they’ve got the state legislature on their side.

Pluto still
a planet in skies of New Mexico

Diana M. Alba /Santa Fe Bureau


FE — International astronomers may have formally demoted
Pluto, but it’s still a planet in the eyes of some state lawmakers.

a measure approved by the House on Tuesday, Pluto will regain its
status as a planet as it passes through New Mexico skies. The joint
memorial also declared March 13 as “Pluto Planet Day.”

year, the International Astronomical Union downgraded Pluto from a
planet to a dwarf planet.

discoverer, the late Clyde Tombaugh, helped found New Mexico State
University’s astronomy department and spent much of his life in Las

widow, Patsy Tombaugh, and his daughter, Annette Tombaugh-Sitze
— both of Las Cruces, were on hand in the House chambers as
legislators passed the memorial.

a way, it’s saying that the state is supporting the fact it should be a
planet,” said Patsy Tombaugh, 94. “I think it’s nice they did that.”

of Clyde Tombaugh’s ashes are on board the New Horizons spacecraft,
which set out for Pluto in early 2006. It’s scheduled to pass by Pluto
in 2015.

Meanwhile, Pluto’s companion team, the NMSU Aggies, finished their
season 25-8, (11-5 WAC), and won the WAC title by beating Utah St. on
3/10/2007, 72-70.  They play in the NCAA on March 16, against Texas.

Now that
is karma.


  1. #1 Jean
    March 16, 2007

    I agree with New Mexico! Pluto will always be a planet to me too!! Showing my age I guess.

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