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Monday Tea Blogging

I drank some unusually good tea.  It was green tea, mostly,
with some added ingredients: young hyson and dragonwell teas, orange
peel, peppermint leaf, jasmine flowers, lemon verbena, marigold
flowers, blue malva flowers, and pineapple flavor.


It was Revolution Tropical Green Tea.  The logo has the R in a
circle. like this:


If you are curious, their website is here:

It is hard to know why I liked this tea so much.  Partly, it
is because of the complexity of the flavor, and the fact that it is a
little sweet without any added sugar.  Partly it is because I
was in the mood for that kind of a thing.

I am a little suspicious of the “added pineapple flavor,” but I guess
it is not conceptually different than adding lemon to your tea.


  1. #1 Kate
    March 22, 2007

    a fantastic indian tea house around the corner from my house sells online:

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