The Corpus Callosum

My Second

is my second music-related post in one week.
 Salon has
an article
with podcast
, with Patti Smith.
 The occasion is the forthcoming release of her new album, Twelve.
 The interview is not so much about the album; it’s more about
her political views, and a little bit of rock and roll history.
 If you do visit the page, be sure to download the podcast,
because it is much more extensive than the written part of the

Plus it is always more fun to hear Patti’s voice
than to read a transcript.  

I have posted about Patti Smith before (The
Power of Zero
, Contemplate
) and I notice that I listened to her a lot during a
tumultuous time in my life.  But this is a time of healing for
me.  I wish I could say the same for our country, and for the
countries were we have unraveled the social fabric.