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McGovern on Cheney

McGovern takes Cheney to task for, among other things, misunderstanding
political history.  

Angeles Times
VICE PRESIDENT Dick Cheney recently attacked my 1972 presidential
platform and contended that today’s Democratic Party has reverted to
the views I advocated in 1972. In a sense, this is a compliment, both
to me and the Democratic Party. Cheney intended no such compliment.
Instead, he twisted my views and those of my party beyond recognition.
The city where the vice president spoke, Chicago, is sometimes dubbed
“the Windy City.” Cheney converted the chilly wind of Chicago into hot

This I copied from a post by Brad
.  He (DeLong) entitled his post “Impeach
Bush, Impeach Cheney.”  Others are taking action on this.

York Times
: Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich on
Tuesday introduced articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick
Cheney for “high crimes and misdemeanors” related
to his participation in the buildup for the war in Iraq — and
what the longshot Democratic presidential contender said was
belligerent rhetoric toward Iran…

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  1. #1 Greg P
    April 25, 2007

    Bush and Cheney, I suspect, figure that they have the whole game plan figured out. They stick to their guns figuratively and literally, so that whenever the inevitable pullout and disastrous failure occurs in Iraq, they will blame it on the new policymakers.
    When the tax increase comes as it must, to pay for this massively expensive war profiteering that we cannot afford, they will blame the Democrats.

    But I think that history will not be kind to these men, who will be seen to have put self interest ahead of that of the nation and the world at large, who created Iran as a budding superpower, who showed the US for the real weakling that it is as a world power.
    This is the beginning of end of the US as a superpower, as a respected nation, as an economic powerhouse. It’s very telling that Halliburton is moving its corporate offices to Dubai — rich rats leaving the about-to-sink ship.

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