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Unkind Photo

Does this… (nuclear football) contain one of these…? (alcohol analyzer) Seriously.  It never occurred to me before, but shouldn’t it be required that the President stay 100% sober at all times? Apparently not…

Psychologists and Torture

Amy Goodman has a good article on Truthdig.  The reason I like the article is that it provides follow-up to an issue that was in the headlines, briefly a couple of years ago.  It has largely been ignored by the media since then.   Hypocritical Oath: Psychologists and Torture By Amy Goodman Jun 5, 2007…

The Truth about Climate Change

“You can’t handle the truth!”  ranted Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.  I never saw the movie, but I saw the commercials.   Several months ago, Seed Magazine (a darn good publication) published an article entitled Free DSCOVR!.  The article informs us that a fully functional, paid-for satellite is sitting in storage, not used.…

Vermont Sends Message

These kinds of images were making the rounds a couple of years ago. Kind of cute.  But now, at least a few people in Vermont are taking it seriously: Vermont secessionist movement gains support Tuesday, June 5, 2007

News Item

Baghdad was ranked the world’s least enticing city with a score of 14.5. “Least enticing.” That is one way to put it.

This is an interesting drug.  Rarely prescribed, but interesting.  It is older than what we typically give today.  It is an antidepressant with a twist. In order to understand why it is interesting, you need to know a little bit about the pharmacology of the drug. Amoxapine is a tricyclic antidepressant, in my book, or…


I am working on my next post, the one about amoxapine. But sssshhhh, I’m using Kubuntu. Heresy, I know, but what do you expect? It’s Sunday.