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GOP Fingerprints…

is a follow-up to my post
from yesterday

I’m not sure what “GOP fingerprints…” are, but I gather it was
to avoid them.


The image is from a PDF of a fax, then reduced to fit. Click on it if
it is hard to read.  Better yet, go to
and get the link to the PDF (RNC emails).  Then read the
transcripts of interviews with fired US attorneys, and .  

This is a snippet from the interview with Inglesias on 27 July 2007:

Trying to use the office of a U.S. Attorney for partisan political
purposes is unethical. But you’re saying it is actually illegal?

DI: Right. That’s why there has been such a
circling of the wagons around Karl Rove and Harriet Miers and Sarah
Taylor. I believe there to be incriminating, possibly criminally
incriminating evidence contained in those e-mails and other memoranda.
That’s why the White House doesn’t want to produce it to Congress.

And from Cummins, on 16 March 2007:

And has the Justice Department released any kind of information that
shows that the ot—the seven other fired U.S. Attorneys did
have performance problems, that there was a history of a discussion
around these seven—U.S. Attorneys?

CUMMINS: No, Maria. And that’s—and that’s really, I think,
the key point in why I’m so embarrassed that they continue to continue
to wanna say that. They—they had Will Moschella go to the
House Judiciary Committee the same day we testified there under
subpoena. We were under subpoena. He wasn’t.

And he recited the supposed reasons in each of those seven cases. And
the—the reasons are in some cases laughable.
There—there is no substance to really any of it.
Additionally, if you look at the e-mails—from Kyle Samson
that were released early in the week, there’s no discussion of any of
those issues there.

And the thing that’s most persuasive to me, and maybe you’d had to work
in the Department to really understand it, but the people that worked
in Main Justice, what we call Main Justice in D.C. don’t make a
decision about changing a light bulb without writing a 30 page memo.
They write memos to their bosses about anything. They always cover

Will Moschella described a deliberative committee performance review
process that had taken place of all the United States Attorneys. If
anything resembling the process that he described to Congress had taken
place, there would be a stack of memos a mile high. And they have not
rolled out so much as a half a page.

Recall that on 25 July 2007, White House spokesperson Tony
Snow said
the White House has ” bent over backwards to
satisfy the demands of Democratic investigators.”  

had more than 600 oversight hearings, 87,000-plus hours spent
responding to oversight requests and 430,000 pages made available to
Congress for oversight,” Snow said, adding that the
investigations have yet to reveal any wrongdoing.

“Look at all the pages here. Look at all the hearings. This
is — it is as if they keep throwing mud against the wall,
hoping something’s going to stick,” the spokesman

“At this point, we have hundreds of hearings that have
produced bubkes,” Snow stated. “And what has
happened is, that there has generated this idea,
‘Let’s go on a fishing expedition and
let’s haul somebody up, and let’s make insinuations
without having firm proof.’ And what that does is it creates
a toxic atmosphere.”

Iglesias and Cummins believe the crucial documents
have not been turned over.  So the 430,000 pages are all a
smokescreen.  If you believe Cummins and Iglesias, then the
Administration is still holding something back.

The RNC email that Truthout got, does indicate that the RNC was
specifically targeting newly-registered voters who had been registered
by ACT and ACORN, despite the fact that they had been ordered
(PDF file) in court to not use racial or ethnic factors.  They
tried really hard to find evidence of voter
fraud.  Iglesias and Cummins said that the
allegations were pursued vigorously by the US Attorneys, but there just
wasn’t any evidence.

Meanwhile, ten Bush appointees have resigned, and two are facing
contempt charges.  Bush is excalating a potential
constitutional crisis over this.  Tony Snow is helpuing cover
something up.  And he’s making himself look like an idiot in
the process.