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Sexual assault is a common and serious problem.  It is hypothesized that misconceptions (rape myths) may play a role in this. About 50% of sexual assaults involving adolescent or young adult female victims occur in the context of alcohol consumption.  The authors of a recent study from the University of Michigan Institute for Research on…

Having a Bad Day?

Shows what can happen when you withhold cheezburgers.   (The caption indicates that the lizard survived.) photo by Chickenboots.

Google News no longer indexes ScienceBlogs, but they continue to link to drivel like this, from the Wall Street Journal: Lone Star Spending Spree By MARY KATHERINE STOUT August 25, 2007; Page A6 Austin, Texas Give George W. Bush credit. He’s drawn a lot of criticism for not doing more to control federal spending over…

Desert Spiny Lizard

My non-expert identification of this: desert spiny lizard, Sceloporus magister.

Not Illegal

William Rivers Pitt argues that what the President, Cheney, and Gonzalez have done is not illegal. Apparently, it is not illegal for the President to declare himself and his administration to be above the law. The idea is so outrageous that it never occurred to anyone to make it illegal.

LOL Monkey-On-Goat

From Cellar Image of the Day…

Where Does All The Spam Go?

What would happen if you set up a system to automatically print out all the spam in the Universe?  Never mind the question of why you would want to. (link)

This topic has been covered by Ed Brayton, twice, and by PZ Myers.  This is a little update. A minister made headlines a couple of weeks ago when he called for “imprecatory prayer” against leaders of the the group, Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  The minister involved, Wiley Drake, got some airtime…

Antidepressant-Suicide Risk Update

This controversy has been evolving for the past three years.  Perhaps at this point it is no longer newsworthy.  But often, after a topic fades from the radar of the MSM, there are new findings. The journal, Psychological Medicine, has published a study about the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in persons treated with…

Geology as Comedy

A neat little podcast, in which ordinary people express incredulity at the notion of a medical doctor buying into young-earth creationism, is at Quirky Nomads.