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Unsharp Mask

Here it is again, with unsharp mask applied, and increased contrast.

Ladderback Woodpecker

I am now sure this is a ladderback.  The photos are not very sharp, having been taken through a window screen, but it still was fun. The cat was going nuts.  That’s how I knew there was something outside.

Bhut Jolokia Update

I had not seen this when I first posted about the bhut jolokia — the world’s hottest chile pepper.  There is a woman, Annindita Tamuly, in India who can eat 60 of them in two minutes.  And she smiles while doing it (video).  There is also a 17-month-old child, Jayanta Lahan, who eats them with…

One Of These Statements is Wrong

The headline: Federal Deficit Sharply Lower. The text: The lower year-to-date deficit was the result of a record of $2.12 trillion in revenues. Spending, however, was higher — $2.27 trillion, which also marked an all-time high. So we spent more than we brought in, but the deficit is lower?

Don’t Do This, Part II

That, by the way, is a cobra’s head in the man’s mouth. Courtesy of Sky News “We’ve scoured the globe for some of the best, strangest and most dramatic photographic images…” They quipped that snake charming is “a dying profession.”  

It is reasonably well established that treatment with bright light is effective for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  The standard treatment is to have someone expose their face to 10,000 Lux of bright light every morning, for 30 minutes, preferably at the same time each day.  Early studies indicated that it is the intensity, not the…

Dopamine Abnormality in ADHD

A while back, Shelly wrote a nice introduction to ADHD at Retrospectacle: The Neuroscience of ADHD.  Read that first, for background, then consider this to be a minor addendum.  There are still people who believe that ADHD is not real.  This is a good example of the scientific findings to the contrary.  It is an…

Bizarre Sex Organs II

Since the last one of these I did was kind of scary, I decided to do one that is not so scary.  It is just plain weird.  But there is an interesting story to it. The female is on the left; the male is on the right.  These are the genitalia of mallards: Anas platyrhynchos.…

When unemployment is high, there is more penetrating trauma (bullets, knives).  When employment is high, there is more blunt trauma (automobile crashes). Unemployment predicts hospital trauma Published: Aug. 9, 2007 at 9:48 PM NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 9 (UPI) — A University of Tennessee study found a link between unemployment rates and a type of trauma…

For-Profit Hospitals Struggling

The problem, specifically, is that patients with insurance have higher copays and deductibles.  According to an article on Medscape (free registration required): U.S. Hospitals Struggle Over Who Can Afford to Pay By Kim Dixon CHICAGO (Reuters Life!) Aug 06 – For-profit hospitals, which are blaming unpaid medical bills for tamping down profits, are struggling with…