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Microsoft Big Flub

One of their flagship products, Excel , has been caught
making errors doing simple multiplication.   href="">According
to a Microsoft Developer blog:

Yesterday evening we were alerted to an
issue in Excel 2007 (and Excel Services 2007) involving calculation of
numbers around 65,535.  The first example that we heard about
was =77.1*850, but it became clear from our testing as well as
additional reports that this was just one instance where Excel 2007
would return a value of 100,000 instead of 65,535.

You have to wonder how many interstate-bridge-designing engineers use


  1. #1 Mathematician
    October 1, 2007

    As I understand it, a clear majority of spreadsheets have errors in them put there by the users, e.g. incorrect formulae. That seems to be a worse thing to worry about!

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